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Terms of Use

Welcome to AY Security, the supplier of your SIM card. Your use of the Site and AY Security services are subject to the following Terms of Use and any operating rules or policies that may be published from time to time by AY Security. Please read these Terms of Use carefully. By checking the tick box with reference to the Terms of Use when ordering, you agree to abide by these terms

Changes to the Terms of Use

AY Security may, in its discretion, change, add or remove any portion of the Terms of Use at any time by posting new Terms of Use on the Site. Your continued use of the Site or the Services after such changes are posted will constitute your agreement to such change

The Services

AY Security offers a number of services on the Site. Registration and payment may be required to use the Services. Pre-payment using a credit card is also required for the use of certain Services. AY Security may require proof of identity prior to the sale of or use of the Services. Eligibility restrictions, if any, will be noted when registering for each Service. AY Security will keep a record of all Services provided to you

Mobile Equipment; SIM Card; Telephone Number

You are responsible for your own end material (such as handsets, plug adaptors and chargers) and its proper configuration and installation, in compliance with any regulations and applicable instructions by the manufacturer. You are also responsible for all preparation to install the Service, such as preparing and inserting SIM cards (interface cards) and setting adequate protocols. You agree to follow all instructions to properly insert the SIM card into your mobile phone. You have no right to be assigned or keep a particular phone number. AY Security has the right to cancel or change any phone number or other address element it may have assigned to you without compensation, if required for operational or technical reasons or as a result of government regulations or new partnerships. If you wish to port a number from Vodafone, O2, 3 or EE in the UK, please contact support with a PAC code from one of these suppliers of service. All phone numbers supplied by AY Security will remain the property of AY Security.

GSM Network Coverage

AY Security offers mobile phone and SIM card users a high degree of coverage via the GSM mobile network. Coverage depends on the network, technical and operational capabilities of the roaming partner. Gaps in coverage may nevertheless be encountered even in areas that are designated as covered, particularly inside buildings or remote areas. AY Security will make every effort to provide a high level of availability globally. However, AY Security is unable to guarantee continuous, trouble-free operation of its mobile network or certain transmission times or capacities (SMS, for example). AY Security reserves the right to service its mobile network at any time, which may result in temporary disruptions. No representations or guarantees are made with regard to availability, quality, operation or support for voice or data communication on third-party networks or with third-party lines.

Modifications to the Site or the Services

AY Security reserves the right, for any reason, in its sole discretion, to terminate, suspend or change any aspect of the Site or the Services including but not limited to products, services, content, features or hours of availability. ASY Security may impose limits on certain features of the Site or the Services, or restrict your access to part or all of the Site or the Services without notice or penalty.

Charges for the Services

You agree to pay all charges for requested Services in US Dollars or UK Pounds as selected        on purchasing the product or service. For Services which require pre-payment, you agree to pre-pay for the Service by debiting your credit card the selected amount. The cost of the Service you use will be debited against the prepaid credit using the then current prices for the Service. You agree to pay for all charges associated with your account, whether or not the use of your PIN was authorized by you. The charges will be deemed to be correct if they accurately reflect the technical records created by a correctly programmed system. You can request an extract of the Service records in writing (by email) from Customer Service within forty-five (45) days after the disputed charge. AY Security reserves the right to change the prices for the Services at any time. The current applicable prices, which are quoted in US Dollars and UK Pounds, may be found on the Site or by calling Customer Service.

Expiration and Service De-Activation

Stolen, Lost or Damaged Mobile Phones and SIM Cards

AY Security does not offer refunds for stolen, lost or damaged mobile phones or SIM cards. However, any remaining calling credit can be transferred if a new SIM card is purchased from AY Security. Please contact Customer Service to arrange your calling credit transfer.

SIM Deactivation

AY Security reserve the right to deactivate a SIM that has not been used for 90 days. After 90 days, a new SIM with the associated service will need to be purchased.