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AY Security leads in innovative development of mobile technologies. We offer high security SIM cards for the individual or corporate who benefit from a secure AYSIM cards tailored to their personal or business requirements.

  • Secure Caller number substitution
  • Forced encryption
  • Interception protection
  • Voice substitution
  • Expenses optimisation
  • Virtual number
  • Location security
  • The AY SIM will ensure you have the highest level of security and protection for all your personal, financial and location information.

    Living in such technically innovative times its now hard to have total control over who can access and share your important information. Almost all phone security systems are run through apps and this means that information is transferred through wifi to get to the chosen portal destination. With AY Security all your information is held in your SIM of which only you have access too through a pin.

    One of our team will go through the options on how you wish your information to be seen or shielded. Depending on your job, lifestyle, or status your privacy requirements will differ from one person to the next. our team are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for instant support.