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First Use: Your SIM

AY Security SIM Card
What to do on receipt of the SIM
Phone Compatibility
When does the SIM contract expire?
If asked by support for my SIM details, how do I get the information?
Unable to connect to a network


Making a call with an AY Security SIM
Why are calls not going through?
I’ve changed the displayed number but on the handset of the person I am calling, it is saying “withheld”


How to send a text message with your AY Security SIM


Why isn’t data available in the country the AY SIM is roaming?
Switch data off?
To set up data

Note: Regardless of how you have set up your data, you will still need to enable Data Roaming to be able to access the internet on your device
Important: When you do not wish to use data, we recommend that you turn data roaming OFF to avoid being charged for data using features such as emails, Whatsapp, app updates, etc.